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Welcome to my roots!

“One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it brings.” W.E. Johns, The Passing Show (1937)

Where shall I start? Well, first and foremost I am not a writer by any means, so bear with me while I embark on this journey into a blogger’s world. My passion is simply put – God, my family and gardening. My name is Lynette. I was born and raised in a tiny, little town north of Houston. Population? Around fifteen hundred. I graduated with seventy-four classmates that I grew up with, but the thing I remember most about that little, country town was my parent’s yard and garden. It was beyond extraordinary the way my step-dad took a wooded piece of property and turned it into a gardner’s paradise. Those were my roots planted years ago, and I have never forgotten them.

I remember the vegetable garden that took up an entire lot, the peach and redbud trees, the gardenia bush that grew to be ten feet tall. There were dogwood trees, pine trees and oak trees. Incubators full of yard eggs waiting to be hatched into baby chicks. At one point I remember coming home from school to find the baby deer my step-dad had found on one of his hunting trips. Everything he touched turned green, sprouted or hatched. I remember the shed full of garden tools and supplies he would gather at the local feed store, not to mention the Almanac he read every day. Even though during this time I was busy playing in my own dirt with with the neighborhood kids, it is still one of my most cherished memories.

My grandparents lived next door with their own garden, chicken coop and tulips beds. My grandmother loved her tulips. These things are a part of who I am, or at least they must be. They have never left me. And here I am with my own garden, although no longer a life in the country. My family and I live in the suburbs of Houston and I am determined to make our own garden, a peaceful retreat, full of the fond memories of my past as well as the new memories. Our garden haven surrounded by the things and people I love most. Welcome to my garden. I hope you enjoy – although I am blogging as a means to document, learn and discover – I hope to share those discoveries – to help and be helped – along the way. I am excited to see what’s in store!


Magenta Bicolor Pericallis – a spring annual with beautiful blooms.


Sunfire Coreopsis, one of the perennials in my garden. I love their burgundy centers. They are heat tolerant, bloom summer to fall and best of all return ever year after you cut to the ground in winter. Pretty amazing and they love the sun.