The 80’s Social Network.

It’s not a five star restaurant or anything, but Sonic is gnarly dude.

Sonic, by far, has the best ice around. I mean, it’s awesome to the max. Ha! Remember the eighties?

Sonic Ice!!!

Ok, back to Sonic. What about the styrofoam cup! Between that and the ice it’s totally tubular.


Did you know the first Sonic opened in 1953?

And that the original name was Top Hat? And that in 1987 (a year before I graduated high school) the 1000th Sonic opened up?

Yep, I graduated in ’88. The year George Bush, Sr. was elected President, CD’s outsold albums for the first time, a gallon of gas was between .82 to .98 cents, and one of the top songs of the year was Push It by Salt N Pepa!

Salt-N-Pepa: Push It (Remix)

“Cantcha feel the music pumpin haaaud like I wish u would now Push It. Dun du nuna nun. Push it good.”

Sorry. I feel old now…

But I do have fond memories of Sonic. Living in the country, there wasn’t a big choice of places to go for teenagers at the time, so the big thing was cruisin Sonic.

Not just once.

Not even two or three times.

I’m talking hours of endless circles. I’ll have to admit, it was rad. You had friends everywhere and the possibilities were endless. It was the place to hang dude.

It’s not like we had Facebook or iPhones!

Sonic WAS our social network.

Driving around for hours to see who you could run into from high school or any school for that matter. It was conveniently located in a town that was in the middle of two other small towns. I don’t think there was another Sonic for a good 45 minutes away. It was on.

I was a teenager once.

I remember.

Totally, fer shur!


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