My Favorite Lotions in the World

I have a confession to make.

My hands are so dry since I’ve gotten older! I mean, I used to put on lotion for the fragrance, but nowadays and especially when I’m in desperation mode, it’s a must to lather it on the top portion of my hands. And I do this several times a day or more, especially during the winter.

Which leads me to two of my most favorite lotions in the entire world:

1. For dryness – Nivea Creme.

The first time I found this creamy-sensation-of-a-lotion was near the checkouts at Wal-mart. It came in this cute little blue tin and I grabbed it for my purse (no I wasn’t shop-lifting – I bought it first). I was oblivious to the fact that I was about to experience the best lotion ever. When I finally ran out, which didn’t take long, I found this jar of it.

Mary Kay would probably slap me for this, but I even put this on my face (not recommended for the oily skinned). It works miracles as an eye cream and other problematic dry skin areas on your face. It’s also good for sunburns.

2. For fragrance – Jasmine Vanilla from Bath & Body.

This lotion smells like heaven.

It has Natural Soybean Oil and Glycerin.

I’m addicted to it.

Oh, and if you go to their website, it’s on sale for $6.50 a bottle.



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