My husband, the writer…

The first time I ever spoke to my husband on the phone, he introduced me to his talented writing abilities. From time to time, I will share them within the pages of my blog. This particular one reminded me of Father’s Day. Enjoy!

The Tallest Tree in the Forest

I have a walnut tree in my front yard.

The other day I bent down to pick up one of the nuts that had fallen, and it reminded me of something my brother David said to me the day our father died.

“The tallest tree in the forest fell.”

Our Walnut tree in the front yard.

I guess nothing in this life is as solid as the roots we spread that enable us to grown and become stronger, determining the lives we touch along the way.

As one of those nuts, I’m growing as well. Still, it’s hard at times without the other tree around.

We all have to learn to stand up for the first time on our own. We all have to be willing to accept that yesterday may not be tomorrow. I will watch that tree in my front yard shed its clothes every winter, only to put a new set on every spring. In doing so, all will be renewed.

I will sit under it this summer, like every summer, and be embraced by my fathers memories. A silly smile. Words that seemed to always make sense to me. Memories that enable me to grow. “Maybe so tall Dad, that I will get the chance to touch you again someday. I have so much to tell you. I have a grandson now. The kids are all grown up. You would be proud of them. I am alright Dad. You did a good job and I am trying to understand, like the other nuts in our family, why. But I know that someday I won’t have to ask that question anymore.”

“Until then, Pop…I’ll be right here, sitting under my tree.”

Copyright 2011, Mark Rash. All Rights Reserved.


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