To pinch or not to pinch. That is the question.

This was among my first try at growing from seed this year, and I’m happy to admit the result has been glorious and aromatic!


I sit on my patio and just look at it. It’s sad, because as much as I hate to admit it, I’m really afraid to touch it.


I’ve read that pinching it off is a good thing – that it makes it more prolific and beautiful, but I haven’t worked up the nerve to do it!

I guess I’m afraid I’ll break it. I am in serious need of some garden backbone!


I do take lot’s of pictures though! I’m a proud basil grower, aren’t I?

Ok, ok I’ll go pinch it already….even if it’s green.  Oh yea, it’s not St. Patrick’s Day.  Never mind.


Here are a few ideas for using basil I found on Pinterest. I love this site, because it’s full of great photos from the internet and very inspiring. You can follow me by clicking here.

Lemon Basil Chicken


Basil Vinaigrette


Corn, Tomato, Feta and Basil Salad



2 responses to this post.

  1. i love herbs! yours look luscious! 😀


  2. My fingers are all basily now : )


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