In the Garden 06/04/11

I walked around and snapped a few close-ups in the garden today. It’s been so hot and dry lately I can barely keep up with watering all of my containers. Don’t get me wrong, I love containers, but lately I am overwhelmed by them, so I’ve decided to start planting them in the beds around the sprinkler system. It’s super hot outside now and I’m dreading the upcoming months ahead. I really hope we end up getting some rain soon! I think everyone’s yard needs it severely!

Mums starting to bloom, and although I'm not sure, I'm thinking this is early for them!

The water fountain we purchased from Garden Ridge for the patio!

Lavender grown from seed....smells like those lavender sachets you buy at the store!

One of our Crepe Myrtle blooms by the garden path on the side of our house!

A Hosta getting ready to bloom!

Crepe Myrtle next to the fence full of blooms!

Butterfly weed is blooming now...

Surprise! White petunias that decided to start growing from last year.

Coreopsis bloom, these are in the ground now.

The coreopsis are not as beautiful as they once were. I think they are still in shock from several things I did wrong to them, but at least they are still blooming, right? I’m hoping that planting them in the ground will help.

Pink double knock-out rose bloom planted in a bed by the stone path...

My orange moss rose! I love them!

Pink Impatiens

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