Somewhere over the Rainbow

Our livingroom is oddly shaped. It’s long and narrow and feels empty to me, so I’m taking an interest in doing something about it today. At one end of the room is a huge bare bookcase, with the exception of a few blue ray DVD’s that my husband has been lining it with. Well, unfortunately, I removed those today filling it with some “stuff” that I found around the house. This is what I came up with. I guess it will do for now, although I’m still not completely happy with it. And yes, I need to fill a few of our picture frames!

While I was arranging this bookshelf, I spotted the Cardinal. Yes, the Cardinal that pecks on our windows all day if we don’t have birdseed for him! The previous owner had warned us about him before we moved in, but we didn’t realize how serious he was until we heard it for ourselves. I think he’s taken ownership of the house.

Here is a piece of furniture we found at an antique place off of Westheimer in Houston. We traded an old antique mantel that was mounted on our fireplace and got a pretty good deal. It hides our electronic equipment and wires. Our flatscreen is above the fireplace now and looks much better than the mantel did.

The piece you see at the top is one of the centerpieces at our daughter’s wedding reception. Here’s a closer look:

The only thing missing are the beautiful flowers she had in them.

And here is a picture of our daughter Charlotte in her wedding dress! Isn’t she beautiful?

Charlotte before walking down the isle with her dad.

And here’s the happy couple at the reception.

Adam and Charlotte cutting the cake!

The wedding was in Destin, Florida. The beach was a bit windy, but gorgeous and we are ready to go back. This song was playing when her dad walked her down the isle. She said it reminded her of him. I thought the song was perfect.

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