A snail in my Chocolate Mint at Easter

So I found this snail when I was cleaning out a container on my patio and wow, this guy is a killer! He was about the size of a golf ball and was pretty gross.

Check out the hole he chewed in my Hosta!

I found him buried underneath the soil of some dying spring flowers I decided to dig up and throw out. Now I know why they were dying so quickly after my futile attempts to save them by keeping them in the shade and giving them plenty of water and fertilizer.

From what I’ve heard, snails can damage plants and gardens rather quickly. He must have been sucking the life right out of them!

He's fast for a snail!

Turns out, the best way to get rid of snails and slugs is by adding crushed eggshell or rocks to the soil. Apparently, the sharp objects cut them up, so they end up dehydrating and dying. Already used coffee grounds is another way to get rid of them. The caffeine increases their heart rates, they eventually have heart attacks and die. I know, sounds morbid, right?

After reading about the eggshells, I remembered this stuff my hubby had purchased called Diatomaceous Earth. It’s a natural killer of any any insect or pest! This stuff is made from a naturally soft rock that crumbles into a fine flour-like powder with teeny, tiny particles that are fossilized remains of hard-shelled algae. It’s perfectly safe for humans and pets, but rids your home and yard of ants, fleas, ticks, roaches, earwigs, SLUGS AND SNAILS!!!, beetles, flies, silverfish, bed bugs and many other pests by physically puncturing them and absorbing the moisture from their bodies. I sprinkled this stuff on all of my plants – so I’m curious to see what happens. It’s kind of hard to find locally, unless you know of a feed store. I think he bought our bag for $8 or $9. And you can always go online.

Recently, I was given some perennial plants by a lady on Free Cycle. Free Cycle is a network that promotes waste reduction by keeping the landfills down in order to save our landscape. It’s also a great way to rid yourself of unwanted items that you don’t feel like hauling off – stuff that someone else may want or need, for free. You know the old saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure?” Anyway, this lady was cleaning out her garden beds and gave me a ton of stuff – namely my Chocolate Mint plant.

Chocolate Mint Plant - even smells like mint chocolate!

I’ve read that this plant grows along the ground and spreads rapidly, so I’ve decided to contain it for now – at least until we pull those boring shrubs up on the side of the house.

I found this cute tin planter at a Marshall's in Florida!

Isn't it cute for the patio?

Chocolate Mint is an herb that can grow from 12 – 18 inches in height, likes the sun and has violet or lavendar blooms that come out in early – mid summer. They have bronze-green foliage and are very aromatic, but tend to be invasive although it attracts bees butterflies and birds. It has average water needs, so water, but don’t over do it.

Propagate by dividing rootball, rhizomes, tubers or bulbs – also from cuttings. I actually just stuck mine in the dirt and they grew roots and took! I was so happy to see this work!

Did you know you can eat this plant? It tastes just like chocolate mint! I’m planning on making some chocolate mint tea soon! You can add it to all sorts of desserts like cakes, cookies, teas and coffee! You can’t find that at Starbucks, lol…

Oh, I almost forgot – I bought something pink for Easter!!!!

Happy Easter! Pink Impatiens- I love them!

On the left side of my Impatiens are some Asters I adopted, but on the right side you can see the new coleus plant I bought – it’s a baby right now, but here’s a closer look.

Coleus basking in the sun for a while...

I also added some Impatiens to my Caladiums – they match the pink in their leaves!

Caladiums and Impatiens

Pink, pink, pink!

Have a blessed and pink Easter!

2 responses to this post.

  1. caladiums and impatiens are my favorites and they remind me of working in the L&G dept. of wal-mart in the mid-90s 😀

    and, that snail is icky…


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