About me and my unreasonableness…

Just a little more about me. I love filling out surveys and answering questionnaires. Feel free to answer them in my comments or post them on your own blog. Questions are courtesy of http://www.friday5.org.

1. What’s something you have an unreasonable fear of?

Spiders, spiders, and spiders!!! I have almost passed out from coming face to face with one, I’ve screamed like someone was trying to kill me and I’ve rear-ending the car in front of me with no thought of anyone or anything all because of the little “p.o.s.” called a spider.

2. What’s something you have an unreasonable fondness for?

If you have ever been to or have a Quiznos Deli, go try their Caesar dressing. My fondness is so unreasonable for it I will eat it by the spoonfuls with no thought of my midsection whatsoever. I mean my mouth is watering right now just thinking of it. Hey, are they open at midnight?

3. Whats something you have an unreasonable disliking for?

Customer service jerks that you can barely understand anyway so give me an American to speak with please! (yes, I have actually
said this while speaking to one before). I am not this way out of prejudice. I have literally thrown the phone across the room. That’s
pretty unreasonable and crazy, but it is what it is and what I do when I have to talk to them!

4. Who’s the most likely to bring out the unreasonable in you? (see question 3)

5. Who’s the least unreasonable person you know?

The lady on 17 Kids and Counting, you know, The Duggars, with their sweet smiles and demeanors, but they have seventeen freaking kids. I mean seriously? How does she smile and act like she has a
peaceful, easy feeling? She must be the most reasonable of anyone on earth. Either that or a phony, but she seems pretty real with her demeanor and so does her husband. Simply amazes me.

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